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Fairlington is located in Arlington, VA 22206.  The neighborhoods of Fairlington Villages and South Fairlington are a unique historic condo community right outside of Washington D.C.  If you are looking to buy real estate, sell real estate, or are in need of a Virginia REALTOR with knowledge specific to Fairlington, you have come to the right place.  If you don’t find the information you are looking for please fill out the contact form to the right.

Fairlington Monthly Statistics

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Fairlington Real Estate Facts & Figures

There are 3439 condo units in Fairlington – 1703 in Fairlington Villages and 1736 in South Fairlington.  I-395 is the dividing line between North and South Fairlington.  The street that crosses the highway and bridges the gap is called South Abingdon Street in Fairlington Villages and South 34th Street in South Fairlington.  In all, there are 12 pools and 26 tennis courts in Fairlington.

South Fairlington is divided into 6 villages, each with its own condo association, pool and tennis courts.  However, there are no balconies in South Fairlington.  Fairlington Villages has only one condo association for all the units, with 6 pools and 13 tennis courts.  All Fairlington residents enjoy large grassy common areas.  The condo fee for all of Fairlington includes trash pickup, snow removal, common area maintenance, management, master’s insurance police, water and sewer.  There is no gas in Fairlington so everything is electric.  Because Fairlington condos are part of an historic neighborhood it does have many rules and regulations.  The Fairlington Residents-Handbook is good read for future owners.

Fairlington Condo Associations

  • Fairlington Villages (703) 379-1440
  • Fairlington Arbor
  • Fairlington Commons
  • Fairlington Glenn
  • Fairlington Green
  • Fairlington Meadows
  • Fairlington Mews

Fairlington Models / Floor Plans


Arlington – The largest Fairlington townhouse at 2145 square feet.  Three levels; three bedrooms, three baths, rec room and den.  There are only 41 Arlington models in all of Fairlington.

Clarendon – Three level townhouses; two bedrooms and 1 bath upstairs; finished basement with rec room, den and full bath.  1500 square feet in a “full sized” Clarendon, and 1383 square feet in a Clarendon II or III.  Fairlington Villages has a mixture of all three Clarendon types.  South Fairlington has only 1500 square foot Clarendons.  With a total of 1588 units, there are more Clarendons than any other unit in Fairlington.

Edgewood – Three level townhouse with 1400 square feet.  Think of a Clarendon with only one bedroom upstairs; these are the “cape cod” style townhouses with former windows upstairs.

Georgetown – Two level townhouses with two bedrooms and one bath; 922 square feet.  Similar to a Clarendon III with no basement.  There are only 58 of these.

Dominion – Three level townhouse with either two or three bedrooms on the second floor.  Four feet wider than a Clarendon.  Full sized Dominions have 1830 square feet, and Dominion II’s have 1689 square feet.


Ashlawn – Two bedrooms, one bath, with a loft and basement storage room.  Some Ashlawn owners have converted the attic level storage into a master bedroom and second bath.  Two sizes:  1470 square feet (38) units, and 1225 square feet (10 units), all in Fairlington Villages.

Barcroft – Two level apartment on the first floor and basement.  One bedroom and one bath on main level with a rec room, den and second bath on the lower level.  Three sizes of 1490, 1422, and 1400 square feet.  There are 374 Barcroft units in all of Fairlington.

Berkeley – Two bedrooms, one bath.  These are third floor units with a loft.  1103 square feet.  There are 58 Berkeley units in Fairlington.

Braddock – One bedroom, one bath units, second or third floor.  Some with balconies.  Sizes are 767, 711, and 700 square feet.  There are 466 Braddocks in Fairlington.

Bradford – One bedroom with a loft.  All top floor units.  1009 square feet.  There are 34 units.

Buckingham – Two levels with three bedrooms and two baths.  Second and third floors.  1290 square feet.  There are very few Buckingham units in Fairlington.

Fairfax – One bedroom apartment condo with 895 square feet.  Basement level with fenced patio.  Georgetown units are always above these.  There are 14 Fairfax units all in Fairlington Villages.

Fairlington – One bedroom, basement level units; located under Georgetown units in South Fairlington.  There are 15 total units.

Hermitage – One bedroom, one bath on main level; rec room, den and second bath on basement level.  1528 square feet.  Hermitage and Monticello units have larger kitchens than other units.  58 Hermitage models, all in Fairlington Villages.

Monticello – Similar to the Hermitage model, but slightly larger at 1712 square feet.  The largest kitchen of any other model in Fairlington.  There are 64 units, all in Fairlington Villages.

Mt. Vernon – Two levels; two bedrooms and one bath on main level; rec room, den and second bath on lower level.  1860 square feet.  48 units all in Fairlington Villages.

Richmond – Two bedrooms, one bath, located on the second floor with basement storage room.  1031 square feet.  There are 58 Richmond units, all in Fairlington Villages.

Sherwood – Third floor condos with two bedrooms, one bath, and loft.  1200 square feet.  There are 64 units all in Fairlington Villages.  Similar to a Berkeley, but larger.

Staunton – Similar to the Richmond model, but slightly larger at 1121 square feet.  There are 64 Staunton models, all in Fairlington Villages.